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Duck paté recipe with Parmesan cheese




100% natural ingredients


No preservatives


No additives


No added colours

A delicious flavour with a sophisticated touch of cured cheese.

“An intense sensation in your mouth, great character”

fichatecnica pate de pato

Our nutritionist highlights that

Our nutritionist highlights that eating our favourite food can lift our spirits and put us in a better mood. It is important to choose foods that stimulate all five senses. The food’s colours and arrangement on the plate are eye-catching and we feel like trying new things. What’s more, combining flavours, textures and aromas help us enjoy it more. We associate aperitif time with special occasions in good company, where the pleasure of sharing food brings out its maximum potential. Always within a balanced diet, it is exciting to explore different options for the occasional aperitif snack. Take a chance on cream of pumpkin and “caviar” in a shot glass or rely on contrasting paté flavours.

Exquisite aperitifs for memorable dinners

“Delight your palate with the flavour of Parmigiano Reggiano”