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Fine herbs -50% fat


Protein source


Gluten - free


-50% fat*


Always ready to eat


Great with bread-sticks


For a balanced diet: Meat

A perfect combination of five Mediterranean herbs.

“Rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil and marjoram”

Ficha nutricional Finas Hierbas

Our nutritionist highlights that

Eating our favourite food can lift our spirits and put us in a better mood. When eating, it is important to choose foods that stimulate all five senses. The colours and the layout of the food on the plate catch our eye and encourage us to try new things. What’s more, combining flavours, textures and aromas help us enjoy it more. Aperitif time is associated with special occasions in good company, where the pleasure provided by sharing food brings out its maximum potential. Always within a balanced diet, exploring different options for the occasional aperitif snack is highly gratifying. Talk a chance on cream of pumpkin and caviar in a shot glass or get some help from paté flavours that provide great contrasts.

What a great idea! Proven?al snacks
to share with your friends.

“A unique aromatic flavour that is really tasty