Mundo Tapa de Colores

Creamy cooked ham paste


Rich in protein




-50% fat *


Always ready to eat


Ideal for eating in a sandwich


For a balanced diet: Meat

Made with ingredients that make the recipe low-fat

"Rich in proteins, an important nutrient for your kids”

Informacion nutricional tapa de colores jamón

Our nutritionist highlights that

Mid morning and afternoon snacks help children to spread their nutrient intake throughout the day and keep going with their busy lives and activities. As kids are not usually home for these meals, a sandwich is a great option as it’s particularly practical. Bread is a basic foodstuff in the Mediterranean diet and it takes a starring role in sandwiches because it provides complex carbohydrates that are the basis of a balanced diet. But man does not live by bread alone... the filling also counts. A paté sandwich is easy to make, offers great variety and goes well with bread. The La Piara paté range includes meat and fish-based varieties.

A gluten-free, low-fat paté for your child’s sandwich.